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The traditional options for selling a property or land usually involve a marketing programme, agency fees and lots of would be buyers “tyre-kicking”, ultimately leading to unrealistic offers and sales falling through. By choosing to work with Eminence you will gain access to the expertise and funds to unlock the potential of your land whilst retaining full ownership of it. You can sit back and enjoy “business as usual”, as we work hard to create a development that creates the most value for you.

A simple process for sustainable value

How We Do It

The capital, expertise and risk associated with achieving an excellent planning consent are the main reasons why landowners partner with Eminence. We strive to simplify the process for landowners with the typical route to completion below:

We ensure all schemes undergo a sustainability review using an industry recognised scorecard. This means, unlike other real estate companies, we can identify key areas to create a sustainable scheme which account for social, economic and environmental factors. For you, this sometimes means a more a smoother planning process and higher end asset valu


Magic Happens

The cutting edge technology we leverage in house helps us identify your site as a potential project


Discovery Call

We qualify the site over the phone to make sure your situation fits our criteria


Site Visit

We introduce ourselves in person, view the site and discuss your individual situation in a bit more detail



We’ll appraise your site and produce a number of tailored options for you



You decide on the best option, and we go ahead and sign our partnership agreement



We go ahead and run the planning, design and pre-sale process to a developer within an agreed timeframe



Planning approved, sale completes

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