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the potential in your land and old buildings. .

Creating value, sustainably

Bringing life to old land and buildings

We are a collaborative group of industry professionals who have a strong track record delivering projects that work. We leverage existing technology to source off market sites and unlock the most value for landowners through intelligent design and planning. The trusted partners we work with have sustainability as a core value, which means at every stage of the value chain the impact of development on the built environment is minimised.

Sustainable Development

Our Development partners often work to high levels of sustainability standards to lower the impact of any scheme upon the built environment

Design Expertise

Sustainable design is at the core of every scheme we propose. The often means lower construction costs, higher end values and less time on the market

Planning Permission

Our planning partners are experts in achieving the best possible consent


If required, we can ensure discreet and confidential communication throughout the process

Maximum Return

Through intelligent planning and design, we can usually create a situation that unlocks the most value for your site, and in turn for you

Low Risk

We manage the upfront risk of appraising your site and many other associated professional cost needed to unlock your lands value

Do you want to unlock your land or buildings value?

Planning & Design can be an expensive, difficult and time-consuming process when attempted by landowners without the necessary expertise. Eminence has a proven track record in purchasing and partnering on land, and managing the process to unlock the most value. We provide the expertise and capital, you provide the land.

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We strive to

Why Sustainability?

50% of all the earths resources are used for the built environment and if everyone lived like we do in the UK we would need 2.5 “earths” worth of resources to maintain our standard of life – this isn’t sustainable.

Sustainable development is defined by meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The UN have identified 17 key Sustainable Development goals that cover a wide range of themes. We have translated those into the built environment and in turn our projects, to mitigate against a rapidly growing population, increased energy demand and in many cases a decreased quality of life.

Sustainable development is both profitable and responsible. 

Our focus is on the investment, planning and design stages of the value chain, driven by three core values:

Is designed with the end user in mind to promote health and wellbeing of occupants and enhance the quality of human life

Low Energy:
Is decarbonised and uses renewable and low carbon energy supplies

 Low/No Waste:
Generates no/low waste and helps to facilitate a circular economy

Investment Opportunities

The interest in investing in sustainable building is growing

Development Partners

The importance of sustainable construction for Tier 1 Developers

Our Vision

We strive to become a leader in UK real estate by sustainably turning unproductive assets into productive opportunities. Our mission is to simplify the supply of high quality, sustainably designed space within the UK by bringing together key stakeholders and accelerate a traditionally complex and laboured process.

Our Partners

Our professional partners are experts in their field

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